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Delta Community Credit Union and KISS 104.1 HBCU Scholarship

In 2018, Delta Community will award $10,000 in scholarships to select students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).The HBCU Scholarship contest is presented by Delta Community Credit Union

Our past scholarship winners are listed below. You too could be a winner! The contest period is now closed. Please check back in May for another chance to enter.

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HOSEA Helps: Thank You!

Give back to the community of Atlanta by volunteering with Hosea HelpsClick here for more details and to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

THANK YOU for your support Metro Atlanta!  With your help in 2017 we raised over $43,000 for Hosea Helps!


For over four decades, Hosea Helps resided at 1035 Donnelly Avenue in Southwest Atlanta. As of July 1, 2017, Hosea Helps will be homeless, and their lease will not be renewed, so they need a NEW HOME. The funds from this 2017 campaign will go toward purchasing a new warehouse, moving expenses and closing costs.

You can still help!  Right now, you can donate at   


Imagine what Atlanta would be without Hosea Helps:  

  • 15,000 Georgia seniors would not receive hot meals 
  • 121 families will go homeless 
  • 2,000 children would not have school supplies or toys for Christmas 
  • 2,800 families would not have vital health screenings and preventative health care services 
  • 21,000 families would be without nutritious food 
  • 2,000 orphans in Uganda would be without food and housing 
  • 700 children in our school in the Philippines would lose access to education K-12. 
  • Countless number of homeless citizens would freeze in the winter along with hundreds of seniors would not have heat 
  • 9,000 volunteers would lose the opportunity to give back to the greater Atlanta community    

Hosea Helps needs to raise $600,000 to help with PURCHASING, MOVING & CLOSING COSTS. The new location will be larger allowing them to expand their outreach programs and continue their mission - helping people in need. They need your help to continue their work, so please donate and share this link with your friends so they can make a difference too!  

Hosea Helps is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization - donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. All donations will be used solely for the purchase, moving expenses and costing cost for the new warehouse.  

  • Wealth Strategist, Steven LaBroi, CEO of The LaBroi Insurance Group

    Wealth Strategist, Steven LaBroi, CEO of The LaBroi Insurance Group talks about Building a Human Equity Line of Credit – A HUE-LOC, so you can take back control of your money being spent to manage our daily lives, even creating a situation where we can even pay off our homes. This is done through a whole life product that you can borrow money from and pay yourself back as well.

    03/13/2018   download  
  • Perspectives with Condace Pressley: Maria Shriver and Kim Kimbell

    Journalist, activist and author Maria Shriver talks about her new book "I've Been Thinking," celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimbell talks about work on "Wrinkle In Time."

    03/15/2018   download